Throughout my career people have gravitated to me and asked for my advice about working in the nonprofit sector. I found I enjoyed providing career coaching when appropriate.  I have decided to formalize this work by creating Butterfly Careers.  In addition, Butterfly Careers stems from my interest in supporting the nonprofit sector and my desire to help other people find work that inspires them by suitably matching their skills and talents with their desire to change the world and give back.

Through my diverse work experience in the nonprofit sector, the philanthropic sector and the for profit sector, I am keenly aware of the diversity of job paths available within the nonprofit field. I have worked in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in Washington DC and have both a local and national orientation to the field.  As a result, I have an extensive network of colleagues in a variety of organizations.

For over fifteen years, I have worked with numerous nonprofit organizations including social services, legal services, seniors services, family and youth services, environmental services, health services, arts & culture, advocacy organizations, domestic violence services, adoption, regional planning, foundations, membership associations, and many more.

My grounding in the social sciences from both my graduate school training and consulting experience gives me the expertise necessary to effectively use both quantitative and qualitative research methods in working with clients and helping them find their true career path.


Susanne Ross Revutsky most recently was a Senior Consultant at Harder+Company Community Research. Before rejoining H+Co., I was a Program Officer at Northern California Grantmakers (NCG) where I managed several funding collaboratives.  In my role at NCG I interacted with hundreds of nonprofit community based agencies.  Prior to working at NCG, I worked at Harder+Company Community Research, a consulting firm that works with nonprofit organizations, government agencies and foundations. As a Research Associate, I conducted program evaluations of various nonprofit organizations and foundation sponsored community initiatives.  I also worked on a national grantmaking initiative called New Ventures in Philanthropy based in Washington DC.

I am committed to my community and have been an active volunteer in a variety of different ways.  My volunteer experience is broad the highlights include: organizing volunteers for a rehabilitation project for Rebuilding Together, being a selection judge for Coro’s Exploring Leadership Program, volunteering for Mayoral and Presidential political campaigns, doing the California AIDS Ride, and being a citizen grants panelist for San Francisco’s Department of Children Youth and their Families.

My educational experience includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and History from Claremont McKenna College and a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy Studies with an emphasis on Nonprofit Management from Johns Hopkins University.

The rich tapestry of my work and volunteer experiences have adequately prepared me to guide you through the landscape of the nonprofit sector and help you find a job that best suits your needs.

Why the name Butterfly Careers?

I have named my consulting practice Butterfly Careers because I wanted to offer a service that would help clients’ careers take “flight” and encourage them to “land” wherever it most suits them just as a butterfly takes flight and lands where it chooses. In addition, as a child, I lived next to a meadow where I spent a considerable amount of time chasing butterflies. I was always struck by the majesty and grace of the Tiger Swallow, which is the inspiration for our logo.