Menu of Services 

Butterfly Careers helps clients in four major areas of their career path: Materials, Career Plans, Interview Preparation, and Ongoing Career Coaching.  The majority of clients purchase one or more of the following practical services to generate maximum results. Prices are quoted on a custom-basis – please call 415-516-0092 to get a quote.

Resume Revision and Cover Letter 

The goal is to have you walk away with a professional and compelling resume which communicates your unique strengths and experiences to potential employers, as well as a cover letter personalized to your unique work background and written to the specifications of the job description of your choice.

We accomplish this together by reviewing your resume to see how it does or does not resonate with your goals, values, and stated career objectives.

Process and Deliverables:
The process includes an initial review of your resume with a phone conversation. I will then edit the resume and send you a draft for your review.  I will also provide you with a unique cover letter drafted specifically for you. You are invited to provide feedback and up to two rounds of additional edits. I will then present you with a final version of your resume — in word and pdf formats.

Resume Revision a la carte 

Cover Letter a la carte 

Career Game Plan 

A Career Game Plan is a memorandum that outlines potential career paths specifically tailored for you.

Process and Deliverables:

We begin with an intake interview which includes asking you a series of questions about your past job experience, your interests, likes, dislikes and preferences. This conversation can be conducted over the phone or in person and usually takes an hour.

Based on a resume review and intake interview, I create an initial Game Plan document which lists actionable steps you can take toward achieving your goals.This 2-3 page memorandum summarizes the types of jobs that align with your skills and interests as well as types of organizations for which you might want to consider working. It generally consists of the following sections:

a. Intake Summary – covers your work strengths and interests;

b. Potential Job Paths – types of positions and/or types of organizations that might be a good fit;

c. Resources – suggested websites, blogs, professional organizations, or books that could be useful to your career path; and

d. Conclusion and Recommendations – my input on what might be the best overall career choice for you.

We then review the Game Plan together over the phone to answer any questions you might have.

Job Interview Preparation 

Have you had mixed success in job interviews? Or maybe you have an important interview coming up? I can help you prepare. First I’ll develop sample interview questions specific to your upcoming interview. We’ll then hold a mock interview over the phone for one hour. The first 30 minutes will consist of me playing the role of your interviewer. The following 30 minutes will be dedicated to providing input and coaching based on your interview responses. I will also provide standard job interview questions for you to consider.

Ongoing Career Coaching & Progress Check-Ins

Often times, having a regular check-in with someone who knows your goals and holds you accountable to accomplishing them can really make a big difference. In those cases, many clients purchase phone appointments in increments of either 30 minutes or one hour.  Sessions can be purchased monthly, in a bundle, or on an as needed basis. During these calls, we can discuss how your job search is progressing,  strategize on ideas to maximize your job search success, or consider how you can be more successful at your current job.

A La Carte Offerings

If the services listed above do not meet your specific needs, I can also offer customized services. Please email or call me so we can discuss how Butterfly Careers can help you.

Informal introductions

I may make informal introductions, as appropriate, if I have specific connections where meeting a particular contact would be mutually beneficial. Please note that I make connections when I think there is a mutual fit, on an ad-hoc basis, and it is not a part of the services you are purchasing. I just like to connect people who could learn from or help each other.