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October 11, 2012

As the old saying goes, “If the shoe fits, wear it.”  This advice may not be as helpful as you think. Recently, came out with an interesting survey of close to 1,000 people questioning whether they are on the correct career path.  The results were startling, “only 12% of respondents answered that they feel they are on the career path they want to stay on for the rest of their careers.”  What is more important is that 78% of respondents chose, “No, I need to make a change.”  Of of 944 respondents, that means 736 are dissatisfied with their current career path. Pretty huge.

This got me thinking about the 78% who are not in the right job. What then?  I suggest it is time to take stock and begin conducting a job search. Here are a couple of resources to check out to kick start the process: 5 goals to improve your job search — this useful blog post from The which offers some easy to manage, logical steps to take to get your job search started.

I also found this post on 50 Job Search Tips from Recruiters complied by Jason Buss. I like that he categorized the tips (e.g., personal brand, research and prep, resume) making it easier to hone in on the areas you most need help or advice. This is a very handy list and it provides good insight from the folks who tend to do the hiring.

If you feel you have not yet found your true career path don’t panic, you are not alone!