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The new year is upon us! Traditionally, it’s a time to take stock of your life which usually includes your current job. Perhaps it’s time to consider taking on a new career challenge. ┬áIn your desire to seek greener pastures, remember the saying, “buyer beware.” While the prospect of jumping to a new position may be appealing, I would just caution folks to complete your Due Diligence. The economic climate is still relatively chilly, so if you leave your job for another opportunity without doing your homework and find yourself unhappy, you could be in for a tough time.

Don’t be left out in the cold. I suggest you read Donna Svei’s comprehensive blogpost on Avid Careerist about job search due diligence, 10 Due Diligence Steps to Take Before You Say Yes to a Job Offer, and leave your old job certain that you are making a change for the better!