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Once you have been offered a job the negotiations will begin. While nonprofit sector jobs often pay less money than a comparable job in the for profit sector, there is often more room for negotiating one’s overall compensation package. Salary is only one factor and there are many other variables to consider that will make you happy in your new job. If you are about to embark on negotiating the terms of a new job, I encourage you to read this post, 11 Commandments for Smart Negotiating written by Lee Miller on ResumeBear. I would just add that when you are wrestling with Commandment “C,” I encourage you to think creatively  about some of the possible additional benefits you may be able to negotiate including flexibility re: work hours & location (e.g., perhaps you can work from home occasionally), professional development funds, 403(b) contributions from your employer, flexible spending for healthcare costs, and transit vouchers to name a few.  Of course you need to be sensitive to your prospective employer and not push too hard thereby risk losing the opportunity entirely (see Commandment “D”).