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January 3, 2012

2012…a new year is finally upon us. It is that time of year when we resolve to make sweeping changes in the year ahead: lose weight, start dating, get a new job… I read recently that only about 2% of resolution makers meet their goal by year end! Pretty startling statistic.

So I have decided to make some small change resolutions this year — something tangible and easy to accomplish.

What is in store for you this year?  Still trying to figure it out?

Take a moment to take stock and consider these questions to finish off 2011 and gain perspective for 2012.

12 Questions to Consider*

1. What were my resolutions or goals for 2011?

2. What were my greatest accomplishments in 2011?

3. What did I intend to do in 2011 that I did not get done?

4. What were the greatest challenges or barriers that prevented me from getting done what I wanted?

5. How have I grown from these accomplishments and challenges?

6. What am I most grateful for as I look back on the year?

7. What have I learned?

8. How can I show gratitude and appreciation to those who have supported me?

9. What would I like to be different in the new year?

10. What would it feel like to experience this difference?

11. What am I willing to do to make this change a reality?

12. What is the first step I need to take to get closer to my goals?

I wish you a year of much change and growth in 2012.