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February 12,2013

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’ve decided to dedicate today’s blog post to helping you find a job you love.

photo by Michal Marcol

“Valentine’s Heart” photo by Michal Marcol

Who doesn’t want to love their work?

Today I am sharing some useful content I recently discovered from a variety of career blogs & websites to help you land your dream job:

  • 10 smart phone apps that help you land a career  — Who couldn’t use a little help from the latest technology when searching for a new job?  Kelsey Libert compiles an impressive list of helpful apps. Even just one of these smart phone apps may provide you with much needed support during your job search. 
  • Infographic on Interviewing — I was really struck by the startling numbers embedded in this infographic. BrianLee from put this infographic together (be sure to scroll down the page a bit for the full view). The biggest shocker, “65% of bosses said clothes could be the deciding factor between two similar candidates.” Yikes make sure you  havea suitable interview outfit and avoid any fashion faux pas. It would be terrible to lose a job opportunity due to attire!
  • 10 Personal Branding Trends of 2013 — When you think about how to stand out from the pack, consider these ideas by William Arruda on how to best cultivate your own brand. Of course I am a fan of content curation… These ideas are insightful and timely.
  • 13 Tips to Help You Discover Your Purpose — Still unsure which direction to go to find a job you can love?  Check out this blog post from Under30Careers by Melissa Krivacheck. She offers a logical but refreshing approach to thinking about your preferences across different aspects of your life to help you determine your work passion.

As you pursue your life’s purpose, just remember not to neglect your personal relationships.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

photo by Michal Marcol

August 17, 2011

I recently finished reading, Drive by Daniel Pink. It’s one of those top selling business/management/current affairs type books that you probably have on your reading list (well, maybe not your summer reading list).  It’s focus is on “The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.”

It is an engaging read with lots of interesting statistics and stories many about the changing nature of our work, which I recommend. One unique feature of this book is that the author so graciously has a section in the back entitled, “Nine Strategies for Awakening Your Motivation.”  It’s a sort of handbook with exercises to think about how to be proactive in self-motivation.  One in particular jumped out at me: “GIVE YOURSELF A PERFORMANCE REVIEW.”

This idea of holding ourselves accountable for our performance in work or learning (I would add  relationships, parenting, even leisure) is powerful. How often do we stop to take stock in how we are doing on our personal goals? I really liked this idea of being deliberate in tracking progress in my particular goals and creating a formal performance review process. The author  suggests thinking about “what tools, information or support might you need to do better?”  It’s worth considering.