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April 9, 2012

The saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Spring is in full force here in the San Francisco Bay Area as evidenced by the major rain storms predicted for the remainder of the week. Spring always brings to mind thoughts of change and growth. This is a good time  to take a lesson from the season and cultivate your own professional growth. What are you doing to enrich your own skills, knowledge, talents or network?

With change in mind, I would like to direct you to a few other posts that have some excellent advice and resources. First, I wanted to share a blogpost  from Bridgestar, How to Develop Yourself as a Nonprofit Leader.  It has lots of practical advice from some very distinguished leaders in the sector. While many of the recommendations are common sense, it is always nice to see what the pros recommend. Consider embracing one of the ideas and working on it through the rest of spring and summer and take stock come fall. Using the change of season is a convenient way to set a timeframe for a personal goal.

Another useful resource is this handy compilation from ResumeBear on 20 Impressive & Inspiring Productivity Experts on Twitter.  Twitter is a great resource for quick and dirty tips and tricks for all parts of our lives. Anytime I can find a helpful resource, I like to try to spread the word. See if these tweets don’t help you on your quest for some personal growth.

June 30, 2011

Yesterday I attended the “SocialMedia4Nonprofits” Conference in San Francisco. This all day event brought together an interesting cross section of nonprofit professionals and luminaries from the social media field. While most of the content shared was geared to organizations with recommendations on how to optimize and utilize social media tools, many of the recommendations and resources are relevant to individuals.

In today’s connected world, I am a fan of any kind of social media tool that saves you time and energy while simultaneously helping you learn and grow professionally. Here are a few resources I learned about that I hope will be helpful to you.

Website Resources for Curating Content (for your blog, twitter or facebook accounts):

Resources to help Manage Twitter

There were also a lot of great resources shared around fundraising, advocacy, getting your story to go “viral” and much more. I encourage you to check out the twitter stream from the event under: #sm4np  to see lots of additional information and links that might be helpful. Enjoy.

It seems folks in the nonprofit sector have been a little slower to embrace Twitter.  I’ve spoken with many people who have basically asked me “do I really need to know what people are doing on Twitter if I’m using LinkedIn?” The answer is a unqualified “Yes.”

Many people believe Twitter is just used by people to “tweet” about their everyday activities. While that is true to some extent, the plethora of useful resources shared on Twitter is quite amazing.  I too was once a naysayer, but I am here to share that Twitter can be a very useful tool especially for job seekers.

It’s a tool that you can use as much or as little as you like. You get to choose which organizations and industry leaders you want to hear from by following them. It doesn’t have to suck up hours of time. If you are a complete novice, then I want to refer you to an excellent reference, The Twitter Job Search Guide, by Susan Whitcomb, Chandlee Bryan and Deb Dib.

If you are curious to learn more about how Twitter can be useful to you without wading into a book, please read, Heather Human‘s helpful blog post, Seven Twitter Job Search Tips for Entry Level Job Candidates. Don’t worry if you are not an entry-level candidate, the advice can be useful to anyone new to Twitter.