I keep coming back to Susanne for coaching advice because she is a great listener, asks me the right questions and provides me with clear and practical guidance.         ~ Marc Vogl

Susanne is great! She really understands the nuances of working in the nonprofit sector and helped me effectively communicate my experience and my accomplishments in a compelling way on my resume and in cover letters.                ~ Elizabeth Clifton

I highly recommend Susanne. She has worked extensively in the nonprofit sector and has a great understanding of how to navigate the job search.  I  successfully used her services to revamp my resume and find better opportunities in the nonprofit/public health sector. ~ Smruti Shah

After feeling like many resources for resume and career letter assistance were not yielding interviews during my job search, I turned to Susanne and the Butterfly Careers website for help. Although Susanne and I corresponded both over the phone and via email amidst a three-hour time difference, I managed to gain a great deal of super-personalized and thoughtful feedback on my resume in a professional and timely manner.

Susanne was able to help me showcase my strengths on paper in a concise way, and gave me the insight needed to tailor certain experiences for different types of jobs. The reorganization of my resume materials led to several interviews and eventually helped me land a fulfilling role in my desired industry. I am very grateful to Susanne for her feedback and encouragement throughout my journey and I highly recommend her services. ~ SL

It is not often you meet such a generous person willing to go above and beyond to help you reach your goals. I am ever thankful for crossing paths with Susanne, she is a rare find. Without hesitation, if you are considering making a change in your current career or want to take it to the next level, reach out to her. You will not be disappointed.

In my search for a meaningful career in philanthropy coming from a nonprofit, I felt at a loss for how to break in, despite my own networking and applying to positions for some time. Susanne’s dedication to helping me break the barrier and show how my skills were transferable and valuable has hands down helped me stand out and land a position despite the job market being very hard right now.

I immediately saw results in the amount of interviews I was asked to and know her advice on how best to present myself in interviewing and steadfast guidance on not settling helped me transition to a meaningful position in much less time than I thought was possible.  ~ Alicia Chan

As an emerging arts professional, I was having great difficulty taking a hard look at my career and the way it was captured in a rather benign resume and cover letter. Susanne helped me to articulate my strengths and accomplishments in a concrete and compelling manner. She also helped me find more clarity in career options and crucial next steps. I found Susanne to be direct, thorough and compassionate. Her counsel will certainly have a great effect on my career trajectory. I would definitely recommend Susanne and Butterfly Careers.  ~ Ebony McKinney

I highly recommend Susanne. I sought Susanne’s services at a pivotal point in my career, when I needed a professional, outside perspective. Susanne provided me with achievable goals, solid feedback and follow through that added the clarity I was seeking. Susanne was highly professional, attentive and reliable throughout our time working together. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her or use her services again in the future.  ~ Ginger Nocera

As a mid-career non-profit professional, I was having trouble with my job search after relocating across the country. Susanne helped me to clarify my goals and develop a realistic plan to meet them. She helped to re-organize and edit my resume which led directly to new job interviews and professional opportunities. I had been at my previous job for 7 years and found looking for work humbling and lonely. Susanne provided direction and support that led to the next step in my career.  ~ Sam Dodge